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Our introductory programs are designed to get you on your Wholistic Psychonomy journey. These programs introduce the basics of what Wholistic Psychonomy is and how it can make a difference in your life and the lives of those who you interact with. We also have a wholistic breathwork workshop that will radically transform how you relate to your life.

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Wholistic Psychonomy

Introduction to Wholistic Psychonomy

Are you discovering Wholistic Psychonomy for the very first time? If so a great place to start is our introductory workshop. This short online program has been designed to give you an introduction to how this education works. You will discover the process by which transformational healing occurs and begin to understand how Wholistic Psychonomy will make a difference in your own life and the lives of those around you.  

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

Are you tired of walking on eggshells? Looking for the skills to communicate your position clearly and courageously without making yourself or others wrong? This workshop shares strategies that will equip you to deal with ongoing disagreements or conflictual situations in a constructive manner by giving you tips and experiences to apply. It is possible to create relationships that grow as a result of your growing courage and communication skills.

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Radical Self Healing

Experience the transformative power of forgiveness and learn to overcome everyday stresses by joining our Radical Self-Healing Course. Discover how to stop self-blame, control negative thoughts, and cultivate self-love, helping you remain calm under pressure and confidently navigate emotional situations.

Communication course

Communicating for Success

This comprehensive course on Communication and Listening Skills is the perfect way to develop the skills and strategies needed to communicate effectively and build strong, authentic relationships with others.