Wake Up & Breathe

This book explores a modern approach to the breath and its importance for our wellbeing. Ruby explores the link between our birth experience and our first breath and its impact on our lives and how we interact in society.


Your Drug Or Your Life

You may think that all drugs are equal. They aren’t.

Each drug attracts a certain type of user. Each one of us has a preferred drug. We are attracted to it because of our genetic, physical, emotional and mental make-up. Some of us are attracted to alcohol, others to marijuana, heroin or cocaine, and still others to sugar and nicotine. Learn more about breaking this cycle in Rubys latest book Your Drug or Your Life. Prescriptions for Getting Clear.


Angels In Hell

We have two voices in this book—mine (Ruby) and mine (Leanne). We have deliberately left them as two distinct voices rather than blending them and attempting to make it sound like one person. It isn’t, and we aren’t, and we both want our voice to be heard—with one intention: to make it easier for others to come to terms with the horrific experience that rape is, no matter how dreadful (Leanne was left for dead), or fearful (Ruby was left in the middle of nowhere in Morocco).