Master Wholistic Breathwork & Psychonomy

The Associate Diploma in Wholistic Breathwork & Psychonomy is an inspiring, intense, profound transformational program consisting of 7 modules that incorporates Wholistic Breathwork Training.

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Enrol in the Upcoming Wholistic Breathwork & Psychonomy Associate Diploma

Completed by more than 500 students since 1993, personal and professional growth is guaranteed. Those who wish to become a breathwork practitioner have the opportunity to do so, by completing the required assignments.

Prerequisite to attend these 4 modules: Modules 1 & 2 of the Certificate


Is the Associate Diploma in Wholistic Breathwork & Psychonomy Right for You?

The Associate Diploma is intended for those:

  • Students wanting to pursue their own personal development and learn communication and life management skills.
  • Students seeking to clarify their personal goals, and increase their own knowledge of themselves.
  • Students and professionals seeking professional development and additional skills in communication, counselling, coaching and Wholistic facilitation, which can be used, with current professional skills, within the health industry and other industries across the board. This is due to the fact that in this course you are learning life skills which can be adapted into any life situation.
  • Students seeking to setup a practice and/or commence a career within the health or alternative health industries or helping professions.
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Course Content

The Associate Diploma includes all 7 Modules. Students are eligible for an Associate Diploma in Wholistic Breathwork & Psychonomy on successful completion of the assignments to the specified standard.

Modules 1 & 2 from the Certificate must be completed to enrol in any of the following Associate Diploma modules:

Module 4: Emotional Mastery

Anger, Authority & Power - 5 Steps to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence and Achieve Greater Success

This module enables you to gain greater control over your emotions and improve your relationships. You will reach a new understanding of anger, power and authority structures and how they influence your life. You explore your most intense emotions and discover how easy it is to feel fully, be in total command of your emotions and help others do the same. Take charge of your emotional well-being and achieve greater success in all areas of your life. This module is very experiential with many processes including a dynamic meditation, a dynamic breath session, an anger exercise and other transformational experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover how to deal with anger and other intense emotional states
  • Recognise the differences between how different genders express aggression
  • Deal with abuse in relationships especially verbal abuse
  • Explore the underlying dynamics of power and its misuse
  • Take command of your emotions
  • Develop the tools to help others deal with their emotions
  • Adopt new habits of dealing with stress
  • Begin healing any addictive behaviours
  • Understand depression and how to transform it
  • Explore the underlying dynamics of power – its use and mis-use
  • Learn about the impact that your position in the family has on your life
  • Experience 3 life transforming processes

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Module 5: Relationships & Sexuality

5 Steps to Establish Healthy, Vibrant Relationships with Self and Others

In this module we explore relationships and relating and how to create successful relationships for yourself, your family and for and with your clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build strong foundations for successful relationships
  • Understand the role of parental influences in relationships
  • Develop self-trust and trust within relationships
  • Explore different types of parenting and their effects
  • Learn about Voyeurism, shyness, withdrawal, self-consciousness, exhibitionism
  • Use diagnostic tools useful in relationship and sexuality issues.
  • Discover synergy and how to create it, especially in relationships – personal and professional
  • Learn how to be okay with being vulnerable
  • Deal with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence issues
  • Explore gender issues
  • Get the love to flow again

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Module 6: Death & Dying, Loss & Leaving

5 Steps to Transforming Crises into Opportunities

In this module we explore the final journey, the Great Adventure – we cannot avoid death. Nor can we avoid change or transformation and healing. Those who do tend to become very ill, which in itself is a transformation. This is an opportunity to face deep-seated issues with equanimity as well as to truly understand and appreciate what success and failure mean to you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore loss and grief and the stages of grief
  • Master the art of dealing with depression
  • Discover which life cycle you are in and how important that is in assisting others to heal
  • Understand the role of karma in our lives
  • Learn the value of what the four bardos offer when we are faced with the dying process
  • Experience a Soul Retrieval session designed to integrate your sub-personalities
  • Explore what success and failure really mean in your life and the lives of others
  • Think Win/Win
  • Deal with anxiety and stress in more empowering ways
  • Experience Time Line Therapy

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Module 7: Money & Life Management Skills

5 Steps to Determining Your Life Path and Optimising Your Skillsets

This is a practical module where we explore our attitudes and beliefs about money and learn strategies to create more successful lives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore Life Management Skills in greater depth
  • Discover how money and success really operate
  • Learn about your money patterns
  • Discover what your Genius is
  • Heal any traumas you have about success and money
  • Integrate the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into your life
  • Adopt new ways of creating wealth and contentment in everything you do
  • Discover the habits of successful people and develop your own
  • Uncover your attitudes, beliefs and values around money
  • Get clear on some strategies for developing success and prosperity for yourself and your loved ones

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