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College Founder Ruby Johnson, is a transformational teacher with over 30 years of experience in helping people improve their lives by providing them with the right tools and support in order for them to live happier, healthier lives. Using a new modality, created by Ruby, called Wholistic Psychonomy – the new psychology for self-realisation.

Profound Personal Transformation

Experience Courses and Executive Coaching that transform your life

Wholistic Approaches to Self-Realisation

Explore methods to integrate all aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual


Learn and develop the habits of contented people making daily life so much more enjoyable.


You’re Always Invited 


Meet more people just like you and join our upcoming events! 


Intimate Monthly session led by Ruby Johnson
nd held at the exact time of the Full Moon.
(Time and Teachings May Vary)


Held each month, is designed to ignite discussion and
inspire action to create a better world for all of us.
(Thursday Evenings)

Joy is your Birthright

It’s time to do something different and let go of the habits that are holding you back from living the life you want for yourself. Know you do not have to do this alone. 

By joining the Self Realisation community, and working with Ruby, you will uncover the best next step towards transforming your life and achieving greater personal and professional success. Be quick, spaces are limited. 

Ruby Johnson teaches wholistic approaches to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, utilising a range of techniques she has practised over the last 30 years. Ruby has worked with thousands of clients, transforming their lives to achieve personal and professional success. Ruby believes that by learning the tools of Self Mastery and how to let go of your past hurts and resentments, you can move into a space where those things no longer worry you… and only then can true joy take their place!

Your Journey Begins Here

Discover free high-value resources and events in Ruby’s private Facebook Group


For a deeper dive into Wholistic Psychonomy and the teachings by Ruby Johnson, use the links below to book your complimentary call or enrol for upcoming online programs.  


Book a 20 minute clarity session with  Ruby for recommendations on books and meditations for you to start your journey.


Learn more and enrol now for the new online programs launching in 2021. Book a Transformational call with Ruby Johnson.


Ruby works on an exclusive 1:1 basis with executive level coaching. Book a Transformation Call to find out the best next step for you.

It’s easy to provide a testimonial for Ruby Johnson, who helped me in so many ways, from emotional challenges to developing intestinal fortitude to actually follow what I wanted to do and trust my own judgment. The legacy of our work continues even now as I reflect and follow my own course. To whoever reads this, I promise you these comments are not engineered marketing propaganda. I have no hesitation in recommending you at least spend time with Ruby Johnson to see what happens. I would be surprised indeed if you didn’t get value, emotionally and/or intellectually, out of even the first session.

David Welch

When I met Ruby I had many addictions and was extremely unaware of what was really possible and how to achieve happiness in my life. I attended her Wholistic Psychology course, which opened my eyes up to a completely different way of life than what I was accustomed to. A much better way of life. It really kick-started my journey into self-discovery and healing. Over the years I have had many coaching sessions with Ruby, which generally included a breath session. I have found these to be without a doubt extremely valuable and it has helped me no end on my journey. My husband and I have also had couples counselling and Ruby was a support person for the birth of our 2 children.

Katrina McDonnell

Dr. Miranda Jelbart, MB BS, DGM, FACNEM SA 

Ruby Johnson has provided a meticulous process and wise counsel to help me move forward from old patterns that had me stuck…Thanks to Ruby there has been a dance of discovery thereafter over many interesting years. I have had new encounters and varied educational settings such as Breathwork training, Active Listening skills, a year-long workgroup around changing old habits into new …and a number of specific master classes…. As a skilled and compassionate personal growth facilitator, Ruby has illuminated for me pathways and practices that are enriching and rewarding.


Ruby has a LIMITED number of calls available to take you through the 5 EFFECTIVE HABITS FOR SELF-REALISATION. Ruby will also discuss with you if the Dissolving Obstacles to Success Program is a good fit for you. 

What happens on a Transformation Call?

It’s a great chance for you to connect with Ruby.

On this call you will discuss the 5 EFFECTIVE HABITS FOR SELF-REALISATION and some habits you can implement to improve your focus and overall well-being in 2021

You will have an opportunity to learn more about Ruby and the DOTS Program. 

Connect the DOTS and establish if this program is right for you during your Transformation call.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Step 1

Just Breathe

Book your Transformation Call with Ruby and her team to discover more about yourself and decide on the best possible program plan for you!

Step 2

Book a Call

Start where you are, take a lung filling deep breathe and imagine your ideal state of being

Step 3

Let Go

Let go of the habits that are holding you back from living the life that you want



You may think that all drugs are equal. They aren’t.
Each drug attracts a certain type of user. Each one of us has a preferred drug. We are attracted to it because of our genetic, physical, emotional and mental make-up. Some of us are attracted to alcohol, others to marijuana, heroin or cocaine, and still others to sugar and nicotine. Learn more about breaking this cycle in Rubys latest book Your Drug or Your Life. Prescriptions for Getting Clear.


This book explores a modern approach to the breath and its importance for our wellbeing. Ruby explores the link between our birth experience and our first breath and its impact on our lives and how we interact in society.


If the concept of exploring the profound effect that conception and birth has on the human psyche intrigues you, then this book is for you. Wake Up and Breathe is simple, easy to read and powerfully informative in its content. For people who are attempting to “figure out life”, this is a must read.
Diane McCann, Beyond the Ordinary

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