Who is this Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy Training for?


For those seeking personal development including a greater understanding of themselves and others, insight into their future life direction and improved communication skills.

For professionals seeking an adjunct to their current career including improved interpersonal skills and clarity on their future direction.

For those seeking foundational vocational skills in the areas of counselling, Breathwork and other caring professions.

If you are inspired and motivated to make a difference for yourself and others and want to master this modality so that you too can deliver this work to others, then consider studying Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy.

This training offers you the opportunity to transform your personal life as well as providing you with the tools to set up your own practice or to add to your existing practice.

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Free Online Information Evenings

Free Online Information Evenings

In today’s world, mental health has become an increasingly challenging issue. Many individuals are seeking support and solutions to navigate the complexities of their emotional well-being. However, it is evident that our current mental health system falls short in addressing the deeper needs of individuals.

Certificate In Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

Certificate In Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

The Certificate consists of 3 Modules:

Module 1: Building Foundations for Your Life

Building Foundations provides foundational knowledge to enable you to understand and implement the foundations of an effective and fulfilling life.

This module outlines the framework for Wholistic Psychonomy.

Module 2: Living by Design

This module provides you with tools and methods to design your life in a more empowering manner; in particular, it explores the influence of the birth experience on our lives – a practical and powerful method for explaining behaviours and life patterns. It is also an opportunity to design your own life path.

Module 3: Communication & Listening Skills

This is a powerful module that will improve your communication skills and your ability to listen effectively so that you can counsel and coach others.

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Associate Diploma In breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

Associate Diploma In Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

The Associate Diploma in Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy builds on the Certificate and dives into all other areas of life:

Module 4: Emotional Mastery – Dealing with Anger, Authority & Power

Module 5: Relationships & Sexuality

Module 6: Death & Dying, Loss & Leaving

Module 7: Money & Life Management Skills

This is an inspiring, intense, profound transformational program consisting of 7 modules in total that incorporates Wholistic Breathwork Training.

More than 500 students have completed the Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy Training and experienced profound personal and professional transformation.

Those who wish to be a breathwork practitioner and psychonomist have the opportunity to do so by completing the required assignments.

Advanced Training In breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

Advanced Training In Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

Once the Certificate & Associate Diploma is completed, students may wish to continue their studies in Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy for personal growth or other recognised competencies. Further study is offered by the Institute each consisting of 7 modules which are scheduled over 2-3 years.  Contact us for more information.

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