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Certificate in Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

A 7-module course to change your life and the lives of others as well as build or augment any helping practice.

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TBA for 2024
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The information evenings are located online, therefore you can be in the comfort of your own home.

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This are FREE evenings for people interested in finding out more about the Certificate and Associate Diploma in Wholistic Psychonomy.

about the Introductory evenings

What are the Evenings About?

In today’s world, mental health has become an increasingly challenging issue. Many individuals are seeking support and solutions to navigate the complexities of their emotional well-being. However, it is evident that our current mental health system falls short in addressing the deeper needs of individuals.

Join us for an enlightening evening as we delve into the topic of

“What is not being addressed in our current mental health system?”

and discover how Wholistic Psychonomy offers a transformative approach to emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


This is a FREE Event!

We believe that everyone should have access to transformative training. That’s why we offer a range of learning options, from free webinars to comprehensive programs, to accommodate different budgets and needs.


Benefits of the Breathowrk & Wholistic Psychonomy Training

Improve Your Mental Health

Our purpose is to empower professionals to assist in improving the mental health landscape.

Learn To Heal & Grow

Learn to heal your own wounds and be a better human being.

Make a Meaningful Difference

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of your family, your clients, colleagues, and workers.

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about the Diploma

Certificate and Associate Diploma in Breathwork & Wholistic Psychonomy

The Certificate and Associate Diploma in Wholistic Psychonomy are flagship programs that offer individuals a structured pathway for personal growth and professional skill enhancement.

The curriculum delves into various aspects of mental, emotional, and spiritual health, providing a deep understanding of the influencing factors and strategies for healing and transformation.

Topics covered in the Certificate include conception and birth trauma, belief systems, communicating effectively, the power of breathwork, and other modalities.

The Associate Diploma further explores all areas of life, including death and dying, relationships, emotional mastery, money management, and life skills.

about the Introductory evening

The Benefits of Attending an Information Evening

The founder of Wholistic Psychonomy, Ruby Johnson, who is the originator of Wholistic Breathwork will be there to answer all your questions and to share with you the immense benefits you can gain from attending this transformational course.

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Join us at our upcoming information evenings to explore the transformative potential of Wholistic Psychonomy. Together, we can create a future where mental health is truly wholistic, empowering individuals to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Register now to secure your spot and take your next step towards becoming a catalyst for positive change in mental health and in your life.

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Who Should Attend Our Breathing Circle Meditations?

Our monthly meditations are perfect for anyone looking to deepen their connection with themselves and others, and to experience the transformative benefits of intentional breathing. Whether you’re new to meditations or an experienced practitioner, you’ll leave this circle feeling refreshed, re-centred, and deeply connected to yourself and others.

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Questions About the Classes

No, you do not have to sit on the floor. There are chairs available if you do not wish to sit on the floor.

However, we recommend sitting on the floor to get the most out of the meditation. Sitting on the floor allows you to be closer to the ground and more in touch with the energy of the earth. It also helps you to maintain good posture, which can aid in relaxation and breathing.

We recommend bringing a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the meditation. If you wish, you can also bring a journal or notepad to take notes or write down any insights that come to you during the meditation.

We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement or breathing. We also request that you remove shoes before entering the meditation room to help cultivate a sense of grounding and connection to the earth.



MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you attend the session and are not happy in any way whatsoever simply let us know and we will issue a full refund. No questions asked.

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