The Allweather Project: Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
The Allweather Project is a humanitarian, philanthropic, non-profit, non-government organisation which offers people who are genuine inner explorers an opportunity to apply the science of meditation and psychological insight in their everyday lives. In this way the Allweather Project intends to contribute to a less stressed, more empowered and interconnected population.

2. Definitions
Events are defined as all trainings, courses, webinars, workshops or group coaching.
Individual Sessions are defined as any one on one course, session or coaching.

3. General Disclaimer
All Allweather project products, services and Events are intended for general education and information purposes only. The content provided to Participants by the Allweather Project during the provision of the products and services, does not purport to offer legal, medical or other professional advice. Use caution and always seek professional advice before acting on any information that is provided.
Any testimonials and examples within Allweather Project marketing materials are not to be taken as a guarantee that the Participant will achieve the same or similar results.

4. Privacy
The Allweather Project will only collect personal information that is necessary for business functions and activities, or to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.
The Allweather Project is committed to safeguarding all personal information collected and/or held and to ensuring that this information is handled properly, lawfully, and transparently, in accordance with all applicable legislation. To this end the Allweather Project is committed to using all reasonable efforts to protect personal information.
When used in this privacy policy, the term “personal information” has the meaning given to it in the Privacy Act. In general terms, it is any information that can be used to personally identify an individual. This may include name, address, telephone number, email address and profession or occupation. If the information collected personally identifies an individual, or the individual is reasonably identifiable from it, the information will be considered personal information.

5. Refund Policy
If, after attending an Event of up to four-hour duration, a Participant genuinely feels that they didn’t receive value, then the Participant may contact a representative of the Allweather Project straight after the Event and the Participant will receive a full refund of the Event price.
For Events longer than 1 day, if, after attending the first 4 hour session of the Event, a Participant genuinely feels that they didn’t receive value, then the Participant is to contact a representative of the Allweather Project team and return any materials or workbooks provided for a full refund of the Event price or if the materials or workbooks cannot be returned then their cost will be deducted from the refund.

6. Cancellation Policy
A minimum of 5 working days’ notice must be provided for a full refund. If greater than 5 working days’ notice is given, the cancelling party is able to reschedule to the next available Event at no cost. If a Participant fails to turn up to a scheduled event or session, no refund will be payable and the Participant will forfeit the full cost of that enrolment and a credit is not available.
The Allweather Project reserves the right to cancel any event if insufficient registrations are received or for any other reason not under its control. Should this occur, those who registered will be notified and their event fees either refunded in full or they will be transferred to another event. The Allweather Project will not be liable for any claims arising from event cancellation.

7. Confidentiality
Participants agree:
● That any confidential information shared by Participants or any of the Allweather Project’s representatives is confidential and proprietary and belongs solely and exclusively to the Participant who discloses it or to the Allweather Project.
● Not to disclose such information to any other person or use it in any manner other than in discussion with Participants during training sessions.
● That all materials and information provided to Participants by the Allweather Project are confidential and proprietary information and intellectual property, belong solely and exclusively to the Allweather Project, and may only be used by the Participant as authorised by the Allweather Project.
While Participants are free to discuss their personal results from the Allweather Project’s services, Participants must keep the experience and statements, oral or written, of other Participants in the strictest of confidence.

8. Intellectual Property
All material relating to the Events is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. The copyright in all such materials remains the property of the owners and may not be recorded, used or produced, without the written permission of the copyright owner. Participants agree not, at any time, to do anything that would infringe the intellectual property rights in such materials.

9. Recordings
Participants acknowledge and understand that they are not permitted to make any of their own Recordings at any event.
Participants understand and acknowledge that the Allweather Project and/or its representatives may record any aspect of an event (Recordings). Those Recordings may be in the form of audio, video or still photography, and those Recordings may be used in the production of marketing or other materials to be used by the Allweather Project.

10. Allweather Project Obligations
The Allweather project has the right and responsibility to:
● ask for, expect and receive compliance with all legislation including Health and Safety, and Equal Opportunity policies and procedures
● provide quality instruction
● provide fair assessment, if relevant
● provide a safe, and non-discriminatory study environment that complies with Health and Safety, and Equal Opportunity legislation
● provide prompt and equitable resolution of grievances.

11. Participant Obligations
During the event, Participants must:
● give their full attention to the event training during this time
● complete all activities required promptly
● be respectful to the Allweather Project staff and other Participants of the event
● keep the Allweather Project staff informed of any medical health or personal circumstances that may interfere with the event
● be responsible for their own results, which includes complying with reasonable directions.
The Participant acknowledges and agrees that if they breach any of the Terms or become disruptive, abusive or difficult to work with, the Allweather Project reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate this Agreement without refund or explanation.

12. Applicable Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Queensland. You consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Queensland to determine any matter or dispute which arises between us.

13. Product Warranty (if applicable)
If any product you receive with your enrolment is found to be faulty, our only obligation to you is to replace the faulty product within 10 working days of your written request and return of the faulty product.

14. Disclaimer
Allweather Project makes no representation and gives no warranty to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided at or in relation to any course, training, or coaching and does not accept responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in, or omission from, the information contained herein. The information provided during or in relation to the event or individual session is for general purposes only and it does not purport to be comprehensive or to render specific advice. The information provided during or, in relation to, the event should not be regarded as financial or medical advice. If any information or advice that may constitute financial or medical advice is given at, or in relation to, an event or session, such financial or medical advice is not authorised or endorsed by Allweather Project and does not constitute financial or medical advice given by the Allweather Project.

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