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How to describe who I am and what I do?

It’s tricky…

But then, most of life is pretty tricky to navigate, as you have probably discovered, given that you are here reading about me, and searching for something …That’s how I began my inner journey towards Self-Realisation … not that I claim to be a fully realised human being – far from it! It seems that I have been searching my entire life and then I discovered it in just one word that has led me to a sense of profound peace.

I have approached this journey called life with a great sense of adventure and a yearning to be fully who I am – whoever and whatever I am, to myself and others. This is in spite of … or perhaps because of … the fact that I have experienced extreme losses in my life at a very young age … I’m obviously not the only one.

These days I find myself thinking that no one is exempt from the pain (or the joy) of living this life fully.

I invite you to learn more about yourself on a Transformation Call with me.

Finding meaning and purpose in life has been my greatest trial and simultaneously my greatest joy. What I have discovered is that I am here to create powerful containers for people, both as individuals and in groups, to go through profound personal transformations.

Like many others, I came to this space at a time when my life was a mess. I felt disconnected, out of control, unappreciated and unloved, despite affirmations from those around me that I was an amazing and wonderful person.

Have you ever noticed that when we are in that deep state of pain, what others affirm for us in their well-meaning way makes no difference whatsoever?

The way out was really simple and amazingly fast – at least for me. It took just 2 hours and the breath. That’s it. No rocket science. No magic tricks. Simple and … dramatic. Within 12 months I had no one from my former life, apart from my children, my ex and my then partner. This doesn’t happen for everyone I soon understood.

I realised that your journey is a profoundly sacred one, unique to you and deserves immense love and respect in order to support your way forward into a life that is truly meaningful for you, as it was for me.

I decided then and there that I wanted to be part of the evolution toward wholeness, toward a better quality of life and living. I wanted to be an instrument of that Divine Power – whatever you want to call it – to assist in raising the consciousness of humanity and subsequently of the planet.

This is what makes my heart sing. The Breath … Spirit – after all, the word spirit comes from the Latin verb “spiro” meaning “to breathe”.

Everything we ever need is within and the breath is a powerful tool in assisting in revealing this.

As you read this, you will know if this is the path you wish to travel on with me as your guide.. It is an honour and a privilege as this is sacred work. You may know intuitively if you are meant to work with me or not; or you may be curious and candiscover whether I am the right choice by getting in touch..

Either way, I wish you well on your inner journey. I hope it is as profoundly life-changing as mine and that you are filled with an inner peace and joy which has always been there, is always there … just waiting for you to step into it.

Many Blessings

Ruby xx


My life of searching has included studying both traditional and alternative education. This has included an honours degree in psychology, a diploma in education, a bachelor of education, a masters in the science of esotericism, and NLP training,

My life’s work has led me to creating the Associate Diploma in Wholistic Psychonomy – it is my own unique modality, which is a result of all my experience and learning poured into a powerful, transformational training for both those seeking personal and professional development.


Ruby has a LIMITED number of calls available in November and December to take you through the 5 EFFECTIVE HABITS FOR SELF-REALISATION. Ruby will also discuss with you if the Dissolving Obstacles to Success Program is a good fit for you. 

What happens on a Transformation Call?

It’s a great chance for you to connect with Ruby.

On this call you will discuss the 5 EFFECTIVE HABITS FOR SELF-REALISATION and some habits you can implement to improve your focus and overall well-being in 2021

You will have an opportunity to learn more about Ruby and the DOTS Program. 

Connect the DOTS and establish if this program is right for you during your Transformation call.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Step 1

Just Breathe

Book your Transformation Call with Ruby and her team to discover more about yourself and decide on the best possible program plan for you!

Step 2

Book a Call

Start where you are, take a lung filling deep breathe and imagine your ideal state of being

Step 3

Let Go

Let go of the habits that are holding you back from living the life that you want

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