Improve Your Breathing, Improve Your Life

Explore the power of the breath and experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness that can completely transform your life as you know it. The yogis have used various breathing techniques for millenia to assist them on their journey to enlightenment.
This experiential workshop will focus on assisting you to improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being and is a powerful tool for helping you to deal with issues that are holding you back.

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Alternative Dates: Adelaide – 25 Nov, 25 Nov, 29 Nov 2023

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3 Session Workshop

Wholistic Breathwork Workshop

We all know that breathing is essential to survival… But HOW you breathe is even more important for well-being. This workshop has been designed to explore your relationship with the breath and how it can help you to become who you are really meant to be. This program will focus on assisting you to improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and is a powerful tool for helping you to connect with spirit.


Wholistic Breathwork Timetable

This program is broken up into three sessions.

A 2.5hour Friday night session, a 7.5 hour Saturday session and a Tuesday night online de-brief session. Here’s what is covered in each session:

  • Basic breathing techniques
  • What happens in a breath session?
  • How well do you breathe?
  • Resources and skills for improving your breathing and your emotional intelligence
  • Preparation for experiencing a full breath session on the full day

You may experience some or many of the following:

  • Process difficult emotions that are ready to be healed
  • Heal emotional pain and trauma
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships
  • Increase your confidence, self-image, and self-esteem
  • Experience an increase in the amount of joy and happiness
  • Overcome addictions
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Release negative thoughts

This is a bonus session to check in with people to see if you have any follow up questions or experiences to share after the Breathwork Session.

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Everyone Breathes, but is this Workshop for You?

This event is great value to those who are seeking to improve their emotional intelligence, clarity of thinking and to connect with something deep and meaningful within.  Those who wish to remain positive when dealing with difficult situations and be able to confront the more difficult elements in their personality and those who wish to connect with their soul. 


What You'll Learn in the Workshop

In the Wholistic Breathwork Workshop, you will learn specific breathing techniques designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You will be taught how to bring awareness to the breath and the body, release pent-up emotions and tension, and increase feelings of calm, relaxation, and clarity. You will also learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your physical health, and develop a deeper connection with your inner self.

You will be guided to connect with your intention so you can direct all your energy into embodying that. You will be able to witness the power of another person’s process and appreciate just how powerful the breath is in transforming your own and other people’s lives.

This workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn about and experience the benefits of Wholistic Breathwork in a supportive and encouraging group setting. You will be able to deepen your breathing and connect with your inner self, and get clear on your intention so you can direct all your energy into embodying that.

At the end of the workshop, you will have the tools to continue your journey of self-discovery and continued growth. You will have a greater appreciation of the sheer beauty of being human, and be able to use the breath as a powerful tool to transform your own and other people’s lives.


Pricing & Registration

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Alternative Dates: Adelaide – 24 Nov, 25 Nov, 28 Nov 2023